A place created by a group of friends and family, who, thinking of offering our community a different and new experience in cuisine, drinks and attention, decided to create the best option of authentic seafood in central Tennessee, with an extensive menu that Its main objective is to remind our customers a bit of our roots by putting everything in each dish and always maintaining the best service so that they feel at home.

Delicious Cuisine

Each dish on our menu is specially designed and prepared to satisfy the palate of our clients, always maintaining the seasoning and ingredients that characterize the Nayarit style, offering a large number of options that can undoubtedly be adjusted to all tastes and all members. of the family, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all our visitors.

Luxury Interior

With a sober and pleasant interior design, we make sure that every detail of our facilities is suitable and pleasant for those who visit us, the Mexican seafood coast is a comfortable, quiet space with many luxury finishes that make your choice for us a The right decision when you are looking for a suitable place to celebrate that special occasion or just to share a pleasant time.

Unique Recipes

Mexican gastronomy is a passion, it is a science that has been improving and being preserved in its roots over the years, seafood has a unique stimulus in its preparation, in our restaurant we try to maintain these roots without forgetting customer satisfaction, This is why our recipes are exclusive, for this reason we are sure that your choice of our recipes will always be the most successful.

Special Events

If your company, family or simply in your group of friends want to access a place to hold that special meeting or meeting, just let us know and we could host it, contact us to find out the options we have, available days and go ahead and make yours have an unforgettable time full of music, laughter, drinks, and indisputably the best food delivered by the best staff ready for your service.

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